Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrecting The Champ

Happy Easter!!

Most people celebrate Easter by purchasing new clothes or new cars. It's a time of year when most folks bring closure to their respective fasts from a plethora of simple pleasures or vices. Once the fast is over, most return to the normal routine. Lent among other observances is intended for people to re-commit, re-focus on the things that are important. For most it's a last chance to salvage those New Year's resolutions gone bad.

Most of us celebrate Easter but fail to acknowledge that it is the time to celebrate the resurrection of the greatest champ of all time. That champ is God. It's a challenge and a reminder for us to acknowledge the champ (or the God) that lives in all of us. Through all the trials, tribulations, obstacles, and criticism we experience we choose to either rise to the challenge or accept the situations that we find ourselves in unless we proactively acknowledge and activate the champ within us.

With every second, minute, hour, day, week and year that passes we must resurrect the champ in ourselves. Make every possession, every down, every round, and every quarter matter. Resurrecting the champ is when practice meets play, mental preparation meets physical confirmation, internal drive translates into external dreams come true. Stop complaining about what has happened and what hasn't happened in our life. Often times, we are delayed rewards because we don't deserve them quite yet. We are delayed but not denied. If you don't get what you expected then you aren't working hard enough, smart enough or consistently enough. The champ within us knows the difference.

Champs don't make excuses. Champs compete with fire. Champs practice hard when no one is looking. Champs are never denied. Champs win and lose with dignity. Champs are never forgotten. Don't let the champ go unnoticed.