Monday, June 1, 2009


Let's face it. We've all felt this way about something in our lives more than we can care to recall or even admit.

It's a phrase whose impact is just as dangerous as "I can't", "it's too hard", "forget this", and "I don't care".

I just don't feel like it. What could this possibly mean? To "feel like it" is to instinctively and confidently know in your heart that you can execute, achieve, and even conquer if necessary. Truthfully there are some things we can do at 75% effort and still yield a 100% result/response. However, to say that "you don't feel like it" leaves your team to fill in your role because of a choice you made, not an impediment. This gives your competitor the edge every single time. With this phrase you give yourself a reason to be below average, stubborn or just plain lazy.

Our freedom to frequently use of this cop out phrase is a sure-fire way to give up the best thing about this life; trying. With one fell swoop we often brush the seemingly tedious and/or grandiose things under the rug and never give thought to who it affects and how it affects them. Whether we pronounce the phrase verbatum or show how much we don't feel like it through our body language we take for granted that our teammates will understand and that our opponents won't sense it or ever take advantage of it. Thus, our teammates question our desire to try, to win and help the team get better.

Take one minute to think about the people in our lives who have meant so much to us. Think about those people from our past and present, from far and near who are related or unrelated and how they have motivated, mentored and guided us. I'm sure there were days they didn't feel like it, but they made themselves feel like it. They pushed through and re-defined hard work, re-defined driven, re-defined focused, re-defined committed, re-defined role model, re-defined mentor, and re-defined team player without wincing or crying aloud. Some people don't get another day to "feel like it", but you've been given another day. So the choice is to feel like it or not feel like it. God gives it to all of us whether we really deserve it or not or whether he feels like it or not. But what if God didn't feel like it????????