Thursday, December 1, 2011


The lockout is over. I repeat, the lockout is over. Now, we can finally start the season. I'm not talking about the recently terminated NBA Lockout. Im talking about life's lockout.

What is life's lockout?Life's lockout happens when we play this game for the wrong reasons; Monetary Gain & Personal Recognition. Life's lockout occurs when we expect and demand more profit from management as it relates to the job we're doing. We've been selfishly lobbying for certain perks so that we can get what we think we deserve. There exists a preoccupation with the benefits that our fellow teammates and opponents have been awarded. Once we find out what they've been awarded with we automatically want what they have, just because. Naturally, we lock out ourselves out of the genuine satisfaction of doing what we're passionate about, we lock ourselves out of valuable relationships that we could have with our teammates along with other professionals in the league and we ultimate lock ourselves out of the arena because we've lost focus on what the true owner has called us to do; commit our work to Him. No matter what job we do, it must be done in the spirit of service that benefits those around us.

Today is Christmas and the season has begun. Christmas is coined as a season of giving, but every season we're blessed to play should be a season of giving. Regardless of the position we play on the team, we must properly play our role and think pass first. We've all been blessed with gifts that allow us to make a living when we should use those gifts to make a life. Our priorities are way out of line. We think being blessed is about our point accumulation when in fact it's about what we do to help our team win. That said, play this season as if your contract is based on assists instead of points scored. Give your time, talent, tithe and tongue to those who are in need. This season, enter each game with the goal of making your team better. Allow your teammates, opponents, coaches, fans and the owner to witness that you are committed to the future of the franchise and the profession. Every season is not about how you make your Championship Run. Instead each season is about where you make your Dynasty Stand.