Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The second quarter has been in full swing since April and I delayed this post for a few reasons that I won't get into right now. Now that it's June, we're in the last phase of the 2nd quarter and that means it's time to make our presence felt in the game. It's time for What some call a second quarter push but I call a second quarter surge. Often times, the way we start can or cannot have an effect on the overall game. However, there are certain spots in our pursuit of happiness which can truly propel us into the next stratosphere if we are mindful, intentional and relentless in our approach.

I call it a SURGE instead of a PUSH because the definitions alone hold different weight. To push means to press upon something with force in order to move it away. To surge means to rise or roll with a heavy swelling motion, or to undergo a large momentary increase. Would you rather force your success away or would you rather rise to and roll with your success?

You may have actually had a great 1st quarter, but one quarter doesn't define an entire game or an entire year for that matter. In order for any growth or progress to occur we must objectively look at our body of work for all it's highs, lows, in-betweens, the good, bad and ugly. This is the moment that we uncover who we are, what we possess and where we are willing to go. The second quarter is the opportune to demand more from ourselves while it's still early in the game. The second quarter is the power quarter because it provides us an opportunity to take our good to better, our better to best, and our best to phenomenal. The 2nd Quarter can give us tremendous momentum if and when we take advantage of it. 

The 2nd quarter SURGE, simply put, is the process of Strategically Uncovering and Redirecting Gifts and Energy. Sometimes it takes a below average, average and/or even an above average quarter for us to stop and simply take inventory of where we are and why we are where we are. Whatever the case, we have the freedom to choose whether or not we will improve or enhance our performance. 

May I remind you that everyone was created with at least one gift and often times that gift is simply waiting to be uncovered. It's waiting to be claimed. Your gift is your winning lottery ticket that some of you have yet to go and claim. You are the winner but you're letting your ticket sit on the counter and collect dust. Everyone else knows what your gift is and where your gift is, but you won't redeem the ticket. As a matter of fact, other people are jealous because they can see your gift but you refuse to pick it up and use it. The key to winning in any quarter is uncovering your gift. The moment that you simply acknowledge and receive it, you automatically begin winning but it takes diligence and tenacity to grow your gift. 

Redirecting your gift is simply about knowing your gift inside and out from every possible angle yet being confident and bold enough to apply it in different areas of your life in order to make a more meaningful impact. Redirecting your gift means you have an obligation to share your gift with other people. As a result of your generosity those around you will be inclined to share their gifts as well. Ironically sharing your gift is the best kept secret to success when in,fact it, your gift should never be a secret. 

The secret to THE SURGE is the Uncovering and Redirecting portion. Ironically, it's the UR in the word that stand out. Remove the UR from the word and it has zero meaning and impact. Sound familiar? Let's think about it.... 

UR the gifted 
UR the talented
UR the beginning
UR the finisher
UR the catalyst 
UR the revolution
UR the question
UR the answer
UR the franchise
UR the victor 
UR the difference maker 
UR the game changer 
UR the powerful voice in your head
UR the master of your fate
UR the judge, the jury and the executioner 
UR the undisputed champion
UR the sole controller of your 2ND QUARTER SURGE

The possession arrow is in yoUR favor.

So what RU waiting for?