Sunday, January 10, 2010


This morning I entered the gym to find it completely empty and virtually untouched. As a matter of fact, it smelled liked a freshly cleaned, vacuumed apartment that was awaiting it's first family to move in. Honestly, it was disturbing yet interesting. I found it disturbing because I figured most people have either committed or re-committed themselves to leading a healthier lifestyle through exercise. This was obviously in theory. Nevertheless, I found it interesting that many people were not including exercise as a priority for the new year. At least this was my first the impression.

Maybe some people had to work. Maybe my timing was bad and some people worked out before or after I did. Maybe, some people's re-occuring new year's resolutions are not to make any resolutions at all. I find this to be interesting because it could be viewed as keeping it real or keeping it routine. This whole notion stretches way beyond exercise. In fact, it leads me to believe that most people have experienced a New Year's Revelation.

A New Year's Revelation? Yes. That is not a typo nor is it a Freudian slip. A New Year's Revelation is a moment of clarity that occurs as the dawn of a new year approaches. It's a time when people take inventory of their blessings, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, shortcomings, wins, losses, friends, and enemies. Once they've done a thorough assessment it becomes clear to them who or what should remain a priority and who or what will challenge them to get better and who or what will facilitate and support their holistic development. It's not an exercise in waiting. It's not an exercise in talkin the talk. Rather, it's an exercise in walking out our self-assessment as we cultivate a relationship between our gifts, our work ethic and God's purpose for us. That said, I challenge you to resolve to reveal yourself to yourself. Deliberately and proactively live WHO YOU ARE day after day, week after week, and month after month without excuses and without regrets. External goals can't be set until a commitment internal transformation is underway.