Thursday, March 28, 2013


Once again it’s on! It’s that time of year time to pull out your brackets, do your research, devise your strategy and make some critical decisions that will allow you to achieve maximum results. Some call it March Madness. I call it March Maintenance.

If you hadn’t noticed, March is the end of the first quarter. Yeah, I know. It’s a blur right? Many of us have made strides during the first quarter and others have gotten off track with our personal and professional goals that we set on that glorious 1st day in January. Why? We could think of millions of excuses but never address the reasons. Honestly, there’s no need to harp on what hasn’t happened at this moment. I’d rather take a different route and look at what has happened. After all, numbers don't lie. While every day is an opportunity to play in a championship game, every year is an opportunity to enhance your legacy one quarter at a time. Therefore, I cordially invite you to March Maintenance.

March marks the beginning of Spring. The weather begins to change and hopefully we experience a shift in our dreams, goals or visions by virtue of the work that we've done. Some of us hope that this shift will occur based on our talent and/or the change in season. We must not be so consumed with the conditions that are beyond our control and focus on what we vow to maintain through mindfulness, consistency, tenacity, integrity, evaluation and accountability. Those are always key elements to our success.

March Maintenance is about objectively looking at the 1st quarter and asking the following questions:

What was the game plan?
Who's in the starting line up?
How did I start?
What did I do well?
What needs improvement?

Whether or not we've achieved our goals, we have to approach our goals and aspirations like the 1st quarter of the game;

1) Slowly get warm and work yourself into the flow of the game.

2) Dictate the tempo. Know when to hurry and when to slow down.

3) Make sure the strategy is feasible, intentional and plays to the strengths of your team.

4) Know which plays and players translate into team chemistry and success.

5) Identify which obstacles can potentially prevent you from executing your strategy.

We must not overexert ourselves during the first quarter, nor should we set low expectations or give minimal effort. We shouldn't be overly concerned with the score at the end of the 1st quarter either. Rather, we should be more concerned with the statistics that we can control; our preparation, our practice and our pursuit. Some say that you "play like you practice". Others say "it s not about how you start it's about how you finish." I say that it s about the maintenance of our march that brings us success. Maintenance is the marriage of preparation, desire and consistency. As you look back at the 1st quarter you set an expectation. How painful or rewarding is that look back?

Whatever the case may be don't look too long. Develop intentional amnesia and demand more from yourself. Don't allow the stats from the 1st quarter to determine your passion and effort in the forthcoming quarters. Don't base your success on someone else's brackets. Use your own stats to demand more from yourself and more from your teammates. You've got 3 more quarters to play. Write your successes and shortcomings in the sand and engrave champion on your heart.

Maintain the clarity of our vision.
Maintain the commitment to consistency.
Maintain a tireless work ethic.
Maintain that good is the enemy of excellence.
Maintain that you owe it yourself and all those who came before you, then March beyond your expectations.

The whistle's blowing. 2nd quarter is coming.