Tuesday, September 11, 2012


"Don't push me cuz I'm close to the EDGE. I'm trying not to lose my head. It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under."

Every time I hear the hook of the song "The Message" by Melly Mel, I immediately think of someone who has reached their boiling point. I envision someone who is so passionate about something that all it takes is one iota of temptation for them to give up or one degree of motivation for them to push through.

"It's been said by coaches and athletes that winning isn't everything, it's how you play the game." Well, I say that winning isn't everything to those who don't have an undeniable, unprecedented, burning passion for what they do." Often times, I've had players and former students tell me that some people win because they are "just plain good". Whether they're referring to athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, coaches, ministers,teachers, mentors or older siblings, they often expect them to win because of who they are never once considering or even inquiring how they gain the EDGE on a daily basis.

We all have people who we admire up close and/or from afar. These role models are those who have achieved extraordinary fame, fortune or success based on their work ethic, talent, focus and drive.

How do these people gain the EDGE?

I personally believe that they interpret the EDGE to mean Extra Discipline Guarantees Excellence. Taking time and energy to discipline specific aspects of life will undoubtedly manifest itself accordingly.

Getting the EDGE is simply about studying the path of excellence then creating your own system to achieve it, maintain it and improve upon it. Ultimately, getting the EDGE is mastering one's space and time. Wanna get the EDGE? Try these 3 things;

1)Maximize Your Shot Clock (24 hours)
Objectively look at your current routine, write it down, then analyze the
productive and counterproductive things that you spend time or waste time doing.
To gain the EDGE you must drastically adjust your schedule. To get the EDGE your
time must be spent on things that have redeemable value. Reading, writing,
praying, meditating, studying, strategizing and practicing your craft/passion all
have redeemable value once you commit to and implement them.

2)Break Down The Film
Learn about the habits that your role model has adopted that allows them to be
more successful than you. Find out what they're reading, how much they read, when
they go to bed, when they get up, what they eat, etc. Find out who or what
motivates them to succeed. Take pieces of their formula, then adopt similar habits
that will help you gain the EDGE.

3)Call An Isolation Play
Those who gain the EDGE purposely set themselves apart. Commit to spending time
alone and uninterrupted in your quiet place doing the work that most people don't
want to do. Turn the TV and your cell phone off, close the blinds, and lose your
watch. Gaining the EDGE requires the removal of all external temptation and
distraction. After all, our brains are designed to be the most effective when we
intentionally focus on 1 thing at a time.

What you do now makes you good enough
What you’re willing to do makes you greater than
What you consistently do beyond requirement & expectation makes you excellent

Gain The Edge