Wednesday, February 1, 2012



31 days into the New Year and some of you are off to a great start. You’ve made an executive decision to commit to either trying something brand new or resurrecting something that was beneficial from the past. Some folks call it a new year’s resolution, others refer to it as a lifestyle change or even a habits adjustment. I personally like to refer to this in the form of a phrase/mantra; “New Possession, New Obsession.”

Some of you started out the year with unprecedented passion and tenacity and somehow have already lost steam, focus, and determination. What’s up with that? Why does it happen? Well, the truth is that often times we make promises to ourselves to change the world and ourselves simultaneously by adopting new practices cold turkey.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very healthy to practice positive thinking, planning and self-talk whether you’re taking on a new lifestyle or throwing away another. However, you have to turn up the tenacity of your thoughts and intentions and transform them into consistent action. You have to truly be focused, clear, decisive, intentional, and proactive, but above all you have to be obsessed with the game of life before you roll out the bed and step on the court. Whether it’s practice time or game time, in order to take it to the next level you have to be OBSESSED with creating new results in your life.

The game of life is played one possession at a time. I often emphasize the importance of maximizing your 24-hour shot clock. With 2012 in full flux time will surely get away from you if you’re not OBSESSED with each possession. Within each possession your power resides in the decisions you make strategically or hastily. Even when you make the right decisions be obsessed with making the next possession better by pushing yourself to the maximum with no regrets, no shame, no fear, or apprehension. Be obsessed with minimizing your turnovers, be obsessed with making your team better, be obsessed with thinking this game, be obsessed with playing harder and smarter. Be obsessed with changing your New Year’s resolution into your new day’s resolution. Don’t quit until you succeed, don’t leave the floor until you’ve made your last shot, don’t head for the locker room until you’re drenched in sweat and you’ve exhausted your efforts and left zero traces of failure. Be obsessed with every opportunity you possess. New Possession, New Obsession. BALL UP TOP!