Monday, December 2, 2013

4th Quarter Close Out - Phase 1/Game Statistics

HGood Morning Team! 

We're at Day 3 of my 4th Quarter CloseOut and if you ve been following my directions you should have written down a pretty extensive list of things. I've encouraged you to exhaust the lists because there's something to be said about blessings, wins, and gifts and how their interconnectedness translates into how we successfully close one year and start another. During this time of year some people begin to name and claim their New Year's resolutions. Now, that's not a bad thing because at least they're starting before New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! Often times people base their resolutions on what didn't happen during the current year. In essence, they push back the date in order to get "ready" for the new year. 

Am I clowning people who make resolutions? Nope!

Am I someone who doesn't make resolutions? 

Am I hear to tell you what your resolutions should be? 
Heck No! 

All I'm asking you to do during the first 3 days of this closeout is to take inventory of your game statistics. From those statistics, I want you be mindful, grateful and objective about how successful this year has been thus far. Regardless of what you think you've won more than you've lost, you've been blessed more than you've been cursed and your gifts havent been completely revealed or utilized. Based on your stats simply analyze what needs to happen and what doesn't need to happen. It 's the first step en route to finishing strong and starting even stronger. Take inventory on how your lists make you feel. Do you feel confident? Happy? Surprised? Motivated? Indifferent? Angry? Whatever emotion you feel, use that emotion to decide what action(s) you'll take to finish this year strong. Notice, I didnt say anything about setting any new goals/resolutions just yet. 

Blessings -> Which ones have you taken for granted? 

Wins -> Have you forgotten that progress toward a goal is a win, not just completion of it? 

Gifts -> Do you have hard time naming or sharing what yours are? 

Are your blessings & wins true reflections of how effectively you utilizing your gift(s)? 

Numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard. 


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